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The Reactor Episode 3: “Hulk Need Love Too….”



It’s summertime and BlackHulk is ready to party! Joining him in this episode is Rod from Should I Watch That, and both halves of GPR, Josh and James.

In this episode we talk about summer romances. Is it easy to get them? Where is the FAQ on how to get them? It’s all in this episode. We also give our final E3 impressions.


Show Notes:


• Go around the room asking “whatcha been doing”-[01:17]

RLN (Real Life News)- [11:18]

• Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner Call Off Wedding- [12:10]

• May video game sales worst in five years- [18:37]

• Man Shoots 12-Year-Old for Ringing and Running- [23:50]

• Airplane of the Future- [27:16]

• LulzSec has launched DDoS attacks- [31:20]

•200,000 Citi bank Bank Accounts- [37:30]

• A $500,000 Cyberheist- [42:20]


Topic 1: E3 Impressions- [47:05]

• Favorite Conference- [49:14]

• Favorite Game- [01:03:53]

• Disappointment of E3-[ 01:14:03]




Topic 2: Summer Romances- [01:21:00]

• Why are we talking about this on mediabeast?- [01:22:03]

• Stories from crew- [01:22:49]

• How to find it.- [01:26:10]


Topic 3: Why is it that the good looking ones are always the craziest- [01:37:10]

• What brought this up.-[ 01:37:45]

o How to Deal With The Crazy Person-[01:39:48]



Closer-[ 01:49:24]

• Show promos




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