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31 Days of Video Games: Day 10

Its that time of the week again, coming at you with another 31 Days of Gaming. Today is Day 10 and that means the category is “Gaming system of choice”.

Today we have plenty of gaming systems to choose from to entertain ourselves. You’ve got the major systems such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintento Wii and the portables the Nintendo DS and PSP. Oh and let’s not forget our ever so fun PC Gamers. So as you can see with there being so many different systems you would think that there are plenty of differences among them. Thus creating a lot of people with certain……… preference to each system. Some like the Wii and others like the 360. But when you get down to it for me, I have to go with the PS3.

Now before you call me a fanboy, I’m not. I happen to own all 3 major systems and like all of them. I just have that preference to a PS3. There are plenty of reasons why I would rather play a game on my PS3 rather than my 360.
-I feel that the Playstation 3 is more powerful
-I like how I don’t have to buy batteries for my controllers
-I LOVE that I don’t have to pay for online (I mean, come one, im American, I love free shit)
-Platinum trophies feel so much rewarding than Gamerpoints
-I think that PS3 exclusives offer a lot more variety. (You can only have so much fun playing shooters)
-And every system has been in my family

But with Pros there are always Cons with a system. Sony and Playstation are brilliant because of the system they made. However the 2 major things Sony needs to work on are Online support and Advertisement. I will be the first one to say that Xbox LIVE is much better at supporting its consumers, so in that case you really do get what you pay for. And you’ve all see the ridiculous PS3 commercials, where at the end they leave you saying “What the hell?!”

See? If they could fix those 2 problems they would be destroying Xbox. Well anyway with all things aside PS3 still sits at the top for me solely on its Trophy system and free online. And in my book, is dubbed Beastly.

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