Posted July 12, 2011 by James Calade in Gaming

31 Days of Video Games: Day 11


Gameplay can take any game with a very lackluster story, horrible characters, worthless or even non-existent voice acting and make it a must play title. It leaves you with that lasting impression that makes you come back years later and want to play it again. So when I sat down to think of what game has the gameplay to make me do that all I could think about was Devil May Cry 3. DMC3 was my first trip into the franchise and has made me a fan ever since.


With Marvel vs Capcom 3 reminding me of how crazy those combos were and the new DMC title coming I had to dive back into DMC3 and I’m still blown away by how much fun that game is. With its different options of fighting styles from Sword Master to Trickster and my personal favorite, Doppelganger, this game really stood out to me. The combo ranking system kept pushing me to try new combos, to be better, to really make the devil cry. Nothing can compare to sliding along the ground on a demon, jumping off, grabbing onto a pole to take out 4 more demons, whipping shotguns around like nunchaku, then just slowing down time cause you can.

DMC3 is my pick for best gameplay but we want to know what you think has the best gameplay. Leave you comment’s below.

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