Posted July 13, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Gaming

31 Days of Video Games: Day 13

How many times have you played a game over five times?

Day 13 – A game you’ve played more than five times.


Really think about this for a second, there are great games out there but how many of them can you say that you have played over five times. For example, I love the Metal Gear Saga to death, but I can’t put myself to sit through Metal Gear Solid 4 again.

Yeah Snake, we had to sit a lot playing this game

But sometimes there are those games that you won’t have a problem playing through another time. A game that I have played through multiple times before was Pokemon Gold.

Back before we had online trading and battling or massive storage systems I really had no problem starting a game over and re-catching and defeating the in-game trainers. Something that a group of friends and I used to do was have Pokemon speed runs and then have a tournament with those Pokemon that we trained. After we finished the tourney we would deposit them into Pokemon Stadium 2 and then restart the cycle. I knew the world of Johto like the back of my hand… wait what does the back of my hand looks like? Oh wait yes, I knew it like the back of my hand.

This game was great to replay just due to the fact that I had a great community to play with, but what were games that you may have played over five times?

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