Posted July 16, 2011 by Chris Reincher in Gaming

31 Days of Video Games: Day 16

Many video games immerse the player with well put together story arcs, some games miss the mark on presenting that story. Here is a game that I believe presents a story outstandingly. 

Day 16: Game with the Best Cut Scenes.


If you listen to our Should I Watch That podcasts, you should know that I LOVE summer movies. Explosions, hot women, cars, intense shooting, explosions, witty characters, fist fights, and did I mention explosions? When I get a game that can replicate this list, it most go into my collection. Now there are a couple of games that come to mind that I can write about here, but one movie series I mean game series that just lives to be a summer action flick. That series is Uncharted.


Uncharted has every thing you would ask for in a summer action movie, now you get to play as that action flick bad ass. The general story in this series can get any casual gamer or even non-gamer to pop some popcorn and enjoy the game.

There are plans to turn this franchise into a full-fledged movie, and if it is done right it will make millions in the box office.

What games do you consider to have the best cut scenes?

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