Posted July 17, 2011 by Josh Clockwork in Gaming

31 Days of Video Games: Day 17

Josh Clockwork here coming at you with another day in the 31 Days of gaming. Today I will be naming my Favorite Antagonist in the video game world.

When you’re looking for a great antagonist they have to have a number of traits. The have to be pure evil, have a defined set goal, no regard for life, and they have to be an all around badass. And then you add some Chemical X I mean T-Virus and you get the greatest of the great, Albert Wesker of the Resident Evil series.

Wesker comes to the table with heightened senses, and superhuman strength and speed in the combat division, which makes him an excellent close to mid ranged fighter. In short he can dodge bullets so he can dodge your fists. Wesker’s master plan is also one for the books due to its nature. He’s not only trying to rule the world, he’s trying to rid it of everyone not worthy of the virus that granted him HIS powers. So Global Saturation must be completed. And then you get to his look and attitude, he wears a sleak all black neo-esque outfit with trench coat. Nuff’ said. And the way he carries himself with such a snooty confidence and superiority makes you realize he KNOWS he’s a badass, and no one can do anything about it.

And from that you see that his only weakness is windows which ain’t too bad. Check back tomorrow for our Favorite Protatonist in a video game. And remember………..

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