Posted July 19, 2011 by Josh Clockwork in Gaming

31 Days of Video Games: Day 19

Day 19 already? Man were just runnin on through these things. Well hey there everyone here’s Day 19 of 31 Days of Video Games. “Picture of a game universe you wish you lived in”

Today’s day of gaming award will be going to a game universe that I wish I lived in the most. And if you already haven’t already figured it out I would love to live in the Splinter Cell universe as a Splinter Cell. Who wouldn’t want to have the skills to be able to infiltrate an enemy building and dispatch every enemy you came across if needed. All while lurking in the shadows trying to remain undetected, and secretly recovering intel for your country. The cool gadgets, ¬†weapons, amazing hand-to-hand combat skills, and just being as bad-ass and any natural human being can be are all worth it. Being a Splinter Cell would be the ish.

Who wouldn't wanna be one of these guys?

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