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31 Days of Video Games: Day 20

Here’s another category from the 31 Days of Gaming┬áChallenge. Today we will be giving out the award for “Favorite Video Game Genre”

Now everyone has a type of Video Game they like to play, so they usually buy a lot of games in the same genre. Games within the same genre a very similar in gameplay and in most cases quality, making them very likely to be bought over and over again. The Gaming Genre that gets this award is *drumroll* Action-Adventure! I absolutely LOVE the Action-Adventure genre of Video games. Ever since I was a little gamer growing up I have gone for the game that gave me the biggest adventure I could find. Games like Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong 64 are all games that fall into this category. Now the Action-Adventure Genre has a very broad spectrum of games to choose from, and a lot of “Sub-Genres” fall into it.

  • Action-Adventure
    • First-Person action-adventure
      • Metroid Prime
    • Third-Person action-adventure
      • Max Payne
      • Demon’s Souls
      • Uncharted Series
    • Hack-and-Slash
      • Devil May Cry Series
      • God of War Series
      • Onimusha series
    • Isometric Platform shooters
      • Dead Nation
      • Super Stardust HD
    • Sandbox
      • inFamous
      • Assassin’s Creed Series
      • Grand Theft Auto
      • The Legend of Zelda
    • Platform-adventure games
      • The “Metroidvania” Games
    • Stealth Games
      • Splinter Cell Series
      • Metal Gear Series
    • Survival Horror
      • Resident Evil Series
      • Silent Hill
And with such a wide of amazing games to choose from you an see why Action-Adventure takes today’s award. From Metriod Prime, to Grand Theft Auto, to Resident Evil if you like this game Genre you will always have something new and different to play.

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