Posted July 24, 2011 by James Calade in Slider

31 Days of Video Games: Day 23

It doesn’t take national approval to see that games are indeed art. While some “respected” critic who’s only form of rating is a thumb may disagree, anyone who actually takes an open-minded look at any video game will see that art is involved in any and all games. The question posed today is which game had the best art style? I’m going to narrow this down to our current generation of games and go with Prince of Persia.


When I first heard of the reboot I was more than excited for the free running game play but then I took a look at the screens and I was stunned. It was a completely different Prince with a whole new style. At first I was put off by it (similar to the Wind Waker reaction) but then I watched videos and it started to grow on me. By the time I was actually playing I was completely immersed in the game.


Let’s start with the menu screen. There’s no 3d model to speak of its simply concept art and it looks gorgeous. They put these concept painting in a 3d space that makes it look almost like a story board and that really makes it standout. While you get to look at this static art, they add these moving blue particles that really pop in contrast to the darker earthy colors.


In the game itself the character models stand out against the background having an almost 3D effect. The environments themselves are varied and beautiful by using a large pallet of colors. It hard to really describe so just look and comment below.

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