Posted July 29, 2011 by Josh Clockwork in Gaming

31 Days of Video Games: Day 29

Gettin down to the final days of the month, but there are a few awards left to give out! Today’s award will be going to the “Game you though you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving” Long name? Sure. But the game I chose well deserves it.

Now when I first heard that this game had been winning all of the GOTY awards and such I was highly skeptical. Mostly because I hadn’t really heard much from it and what I had wasn’t all that impressive. But then my PS3 died and all I had left was a neglected Xbox 360. With the new system I decided, “Hell it’s cheap now, why not give it a try” and went ahead a bought the amazing game Mass Effect 2.

So after I got through my first play through i was still a little iffy, but then I picked a different class……and another……..and another….yeah I beat the game 4 times. It was so good I had to keep on playing it. From the well developed cast of characters, to the well written and immersive story, to the well-designed creative battle system. This game has alot to offer, to whoever is playing it. And now that the game has been ported to PS3, believe that I will be buying it again. Gotta get ready for Mass Effect 3 coming out in March. And that folks is the “Game I though I wouldn’t like, but ended up loving” Please play it if you haven’t, you’re missing out on alot.

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