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31 Days of Video Games: Day 4&5

Day 4: Your guilty pleasure game

I find myself quite a fan of wrestling, mainly the WWE. Its only natural that I picked up just about every wrestling game that has ever come out and that brings me to my guilty pleasure game, Rumble Roses XX. I know what your thinking, “Its DOA Xtreme with a wrestling theme”.While Rumble Roses does have the photography mode and lack of match types, the game play itself is actual pretty solid. Controls are inspired by Smackdown vs Raw so it handles well and every girls moveset are unique to them.  Combine that with multiple personalities for each wrestler there is a bit of replay value so u can customize the roster as you see fit. So with the fun gameplay, a unique roster, and let’s face it…boobs, Rumble Roses is my guilty pleasure game.


Day 5: Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry! This is too easy for me to think of. Usually I’m an easy going fellow, I like to have fun and mess around. But piss me off, and **** goes down. When this beast gets angry he leaves nothing but a path of destruction in his wake. And if I had the power to turn into this beast, I would never have to worry about being stuck in traffic ever again. Road rage? No more like road death for everyone else.

Now for the people saying that Hulk is just a comic book character, well actually Hulk has a couple games out there(even though Ultimate Destruction is his only good game), and he is in the Marvel Vs Capcom games. And also in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. So suck on that haters.





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