Posted July 9, 2011 by Josh Clockwork in Gaming

31 Days of Video Games: Day 9

Hey everybody, it’s a new day so you know what that means an new award! So here’s Day 9: Saddest Video Game Scene

Wow that introduction was a bit too happy for this award…..but I don’t care! This week on 31 Days of gaming were going to give you the scene that made you extremely sad in a video game. Now if you’ve played Mass Effect 2 you know you can have multiple endings. And we’re sure most of you tried to get everyone on your team to live. But did you ever wonder what would it would look like if everyone on your team died? Well here ya go, its one of the saddest things to watch on account I had everyone live :(, and it takes this weeks “Saddest Scene in a Video Game”

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