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GPR 7/1/11:”Waiter! I think I have a sale in my Steam”

What going on my GPR peeps! We are back [with a full episode].

Listen as Chris Blackhorn and the rest of the Mediabeast Crew talk about major events that happened this week. Also learn how to survive the Steam Summer Sale.[take a shot]

Show Notes


  • Go around the room Introduce Guests-[00:57]

  • Whatcha been playing?
  • Rod-[03:01]
  • Josh-[05:56]
  • James-[07:30]
  • Chris-[16:00]
  • Chris’s Top ten List-[18:47]

Top Ten List: Top Ten Blatant Rip Offs

  • Chris’s Top ten List-[18:47]

Game Gossip and Speculation

  • Limbo going to PSN-[47:33]


Game Sales Discounts

  • Steam Summer Sale-[49:18]
  • XBL Summer Sale-[50:32]
  • WoW is f2p-[54:30]
  • PS+ adding extra months if purchased now-[57:30
    • How much PS+ saved people so far-[59:15]


Game Preview of the Week

  • Uncharted 3 Multiplayer-edit-[01:07:30] {Technical Difficulties first couple seconds}



This Week In Gaming

  • Releases Major Releases This Week-[01:
  • Trailer of The Week: Mortal Kombat: Kenshi DLC / Super Marvel Vs Capcom 3? –[01:53:25]
  • Steam Summer Sale Do’s and Don’ts -[01:59:40]
  • Court Strikes Down Violent Game Law –[02:12:25]
  • Our new Grading Policy –[02:25:50]
  • Show Promos
  • Site Promo
  • Twitter: @MediaBeastNet

Continue? 9…8…7…6…-[02:39:10]

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