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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 12

Not all things stay great for so long. “Blue Exorcist” is falling from the mass amount of entertainment provided in the first few episodes but it still manages deliver just enough to keep you watching. See what we think about Amaimon introducing himself to Rin and the Exorcists.It will be a great era in anime, when all animes decide to stop giving their viewers pointless episodes to watch. Although, this episode doe not get interesting until the very end, the first 15 mins are a bore. I mean, really…..I understand that becoming an Exorcists requires you to handle a lot of the boring stuff but at least make it interesting. Thankfully, Amaimon and a surprising face saved the episode.

Rin and Amaimon

When the episode starts, “Blue Exorcist” wrongly teases you again with Amiamon, king of the demons. When the Exorcist class is introduced, you expect things to start slow to let the episode build into that great climatic moment. When I hear that they are looking for a ghost…..in an amusement, I expect some ghost that would be throwing giant teacups and ferris wheels around. DO NOT get hyped for this. Most of this episode is wasted on some problem that could have been handled with a lollipop.

When Amaimon comes in, the episode gets slightly better. The confrontation between him and Rin is not intense, but that is okay. Even though this fight was alright, it is obvious that the two will see each other again and that the future battles have to be epic or it just wouldn’t make semse.

Boobs make everything better. That’s another thing that keeps this episode from being a total waste of time. Two hot girls…one a familiar face and one new. I hope you (My fellas) at least enjoy that part.

Verdict: Fair


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