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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 13

A good ,short episode. “Blue Exorcist” drops Rin in his first training session with his new mentor. Most of this episode is straight to the point, advances the story just a little, but unfortunately gets highly predictable.The best part of the last episode, episode 12, was near the ending, where Shura, the quiet hooded student reveal himself to actually a she. It is a highly renowned exorcist which Yukio and Fujimoto knew very well. She is very suspicious about Mephisto and Amaimon’s intentions and has trouble seeing what Fujimoto or anybody else tied into Rin sees him.

Shura and Rin

For Shura’s first full episode, she is pretty nice. I am pretty sure that everybody likes the fact that she is half-naked and is a skilled fighter. The anime does a nice job of giving us a little of her background story and how she knows Fujimoto, although a certain part of her past is quite questionable. Like Rin, she battles with a demon sword so it makes sense that she is the one training him. The training session between Rin and Shura is nice, but only because of Shura. Rin is still a bore to see fight.

It’s nice to see somebody finally doing something that everybody else seemed to be scared to do. Shura puts the pressure on Mephisto. She puts him on the spot in his own place. It would only make sense if Mephisto became more careful. Right now, it seems as though he does not even care. Maybe he has some tricks of his sleeves; saving it for the real fun.

The bad parts in this episode are mistakes that you can see in other average animes. They focus a bit much on the main character and it is getting highly predictable.


It’s nice that the anime wants to follow Rin a lot but there are a lot of other cool characters that are in EVERY epsiode but barely do anything. If these characters just mysteriously start doing some amazing stuff it will be good and bad at the same time. Good, because there are different exorcist classes with different powers that tend to be quite amazing. Bad, because we would have missed out on the basics of those classes. We can only hope they get some screen time.

About the predictable part, Rin and many other people are nothing you have not seen before. His goals and their motives are becoming cliched. Every other part of the episode, like the kid flashbacks, are not worth speaking of.

Verdict: Good (Only because of Shura)





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