Posted July 25, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 14

It’s hard to take this anime as serious as it started. At least, it does not continue to get worse as the episodes progress. The Esquires go on another training session or better yet, a competition. Who will move on and be permitted to do missions? We will soon find out.It is the end of the first semester and everybody heads home except the Esquires. It seems they have no time to waste and must train. Led by Yukio and Shura, they head to demon-filled woods to do the next part of their training. It is so much easier to tell how kiddy this anime is than it was before. It is not bringing anything to the table.

The plot behind this episode just seems like it could have been done better. The goal of their mission is quite retarded. Honestly, if you’re going to be slaying demons, I’d expect that to qualify for missions, you’d have to kill some kind of powerful demon as a test. This seems more like an errand. What is good is the anime sticks to it’s words. In previous episodes, it has been stated that Exorcists can not be successful alone. This task involves teamwork and that is nice how it was incorporated.

Although the main focus is on the students, I would love to see the senior Exorcists and demons in some action. You know, show me what these students are trying to be. They sit around too much. That is all you see them do in this episode. They sit and talk. This episode is more words than action. That is not good at all.

Verdict: Fair


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