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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 15

Finally, a episode I can like. “Blue Exorcist” moves from the small fish to the big. As Rin and Amaimon goes crazy, I enjoy a little action from other characters and wait for the next episode.The previous episode wasn’t all that great. It had it’s nice moments but finally “Blue Exorcist” gives us a  good episode. For the first half, surprisingly, is not interesting because of Rin. Rin bites. Does his typical hero act and it seems that one person has had enough. It is nice to finally see the other other character trying to make something of themselves. Although they do not do much, it is a nice start. Although Rin is supposed to be very strong, it is always nice to see a little variety in animes.

Bon is looking pretty impressive. From his first appearance and still now, he shows that he will turn out to be a great rival for Rin. He dabs the episode with some nice moves and courage, something that everybody else other than him and Rin seem to be lacking.

Bon is not the main contributor though. It’s all about Amaimon. He really shows out. After giving us a taste of his powers, it’s a wonder how people match up to him. Some people will look really cheap compared to him after this episode.

For all my real anime viewers, I would like for you guys to pay attention to Izumo. Not because she is interesting, just to see if her role is very predictable or is it just me.

The second half of the episode is the highlight. Unfortunately, it is not because of the story but just the action. Rin goes all out against Amaimon. It looks nice and any “Blue Exorcist” fan will enjoy. Sadly, the only reason I think it’s so amazing is because all of the anime’s previous poor performances.

The one good part about the story is that as you watch it, you will ask yourself, “How will this situation end?” It is a lot of big stuff piled into 10 minutes. You do not have time to focus on one situation. All in all, it’s a great episode and I can’t wait for the next. Just be prepared for things to greatly slow down with the action is done.

Verdict: Excellent


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