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Episode Review: Break Blade 6 (Final)

It is always worth the wait. The blood and tears mean more in “Break Blade” than they do in most animes. As the minutes go by in Episode 6, this first-rate anime goes beyond and over, not letting any precious moment be a waste of time. As Rygart deals with his tragic past of recent events, prepare to be kidnapped by the fate vs hope of the Kingdom of Krishna.

Happy people of Krishna

Every battle has an affect on people, whether good or bad. “Break Blade” focuses on Rygart as his mind endures the tragic and gruesome sights of the battle in his hometown. His actions and thoughts are completely justified. You see this in most good animes; times where the hero has lost track of his intentions. This anime sets itself apart from other because of the smart way they exhibit it. Knowing Rygart’s character, it is easy to see why his previous action haunt his mind. The best part about this situation is that his problems do not slow down any of the action. In a time of war, it is unrealistic for a disadvantaged army to worry about one soul when you have something much bigger to defend. “Break Blade” keeps it real.

Colonel Io

One thing this anime is not afraid to do, is to let the skilled people die. In most violent animes, when you come across a character who is skilled, they do not die until a big fight and dynamic moment. I, personally was used to that. I would see somebody in this anime who seemed like a monster and I would think they would last forever. In this epsiode, just like every other, the fate of everybody is unknown. No matter who you are and how skilled you may seem, death is always an option. Just like actual war, never underestimate your enemy. This goes for both sides of theĀ battlefield.

This episode also does a great job into tying the Kingdom of Krishna in with the war. Even in the happiest of times, war can be the worst of things. The best of moments become times of fear. The people of Krishna who laugh, work, and struggle everyday must endure humanity’s worst aspect. Even those who cannot fight try and do their part. The are one of the answers to question of inhumane power.

Athens Army

The conflicts can not be as dramatic if only one side has problems. Although Krishna is being attacked, The Athens army face the same emotional stress. The only thing Athens truly hold over Krishna is resources and soldiers. Unfortunately, with more soldiers you risk more deaths. With major deaths coming from both sides, the most skilled pilots are just as motivated as any other. It is easy to see who is the most experienced by watching emotions. Who keeps their cool vs who fights with anger.

On each second of action having meaning, they are very beautiful. The techniques of the most skilled or driven pilots is well thought out. Those who fight for what they care for do not know how to go down. The detail place in every golem is one reason this anime only comes out once a month. Pay close attention to Rygart, and General Bodr on Krishna’s side as they deal with just as serious Colonel Io and General Borcuse.

Verdict: Excellent


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