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Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 12

Deadman Wonderland does it again. No matter how elite you are….you can always die. Ganta unleashes a new power as his courage finally reveals itself.Death is the escape to everything. Everybody has fallen into Genkaku’s trap and his plan is going smoothly. While he pulling the Strings, Karako and Ganta are forced to see Owl’s true, explosive wrath. Owl becomes a true beast. Most the stuff he does in this episodes made me wonder, “Where was all of this when he was fighting earlier.” Even so, it still nice to see how powerful his Branches of sin can be. Honestly, it would have been awesome to see him be in an actual fight with a worthy opponent while he is in this enraged state.

Ganta becomes a hero once again. For once, Shiro is helpless. Although he is doing much, it is enough to say that this kid has some balls. It is easy to realize, that when situations get intense, he cares more about the fate of his friends than himself. This consideration for others show to be one of the key components to becoming stronger. This episode does a nice job at showing at how Ganta’s teamwork with others can unleash new powers.

Mockingbird finally reveals a bit of his abilities. Seeing Mockingbird in this episode shows that he will definitely cause some problems in the future. At the same time, I was able to point out a little aspect that might be a weakness that I would like the watchers who don’t read ┬áthe manga to notice.

Everybody is twisted for a different reason. I always wondered how Genkaku become the killer he is and it is tragic. He makes sense that he is the leader of the Undertakers because of his background. Upon seeing what he went through, his actions before Deadman Wonderland can be justified in some eyes. His religion and reasons for his crime is too understandable. If somebody is destined to suffer for the rest of their life…..how do you release them from that pain?

The ending to this episode shows that Tamaki and the General are on two different pages, knowingly lying to each other’s face. I see that the next episode will start off slow. Don’t expect much action but it will surely be a good story as always.

Verdict: Excellent


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