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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 1

It seems a day on Netflix has served a good purpose. “Kaze No Stigma”, not a new anime but new to MEDIABEAST, might have earned it’s place in our review roster. The plot has not completely revealed itself but it looks like it can amount to something great. First review, here we go……

Once again, there is another demon-slaying anime. Now, looks like there are many different types of demons but for now, we’re just going to call them demons. The weapons of choice are element. The people in “Kaze No Stigma” fight with elements such as fire, wind, and many more. You can say we’re looking at a demon-slaying…..Avatar show. Not exactly that, but elements are still flying around.


The first episode’s story is okay but interesting. Maybe this is because it’s the first episode, but the events that happen look as though they are about to amount to something worthwhile and much bigger in future episodes. You have a family, the Kanagi family, who focuses on using fire and fire powers only, that disown Kazuma because he was weak with the fire element. If you ask me, that’s a pretty messed up family, but that’s how some parts of the world are. If you mess up, you’re a shame.

With Kazuma being the main character, this anime does a nice job of making him look like the good guy. From the start, the Kanagi family present themselves as a pile of fiery a**holes. That alone, put me on Kazuma’s side. He is a laid back main character, not your cliched goofy kind-hearted lad. The fact that the Kanagi family seems to believe fire is the best and Kanagi seems to embarrass them with wind puts a smile on my face. Everybody like when a**holes are proven wrong.

A few things look predictable, but every anime has it’s predictable moment. There’s Kazuma’s cousin,  Ayano, the first girl you see, who you know will play a big role. Can’t wait.

Verdict: Good


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