Posted July 5, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime Reviews

Episode Review: X-Men 09

When some anime seem to lose your taste, “X-Men” comes and saves the day. Sasaki is caught in her lies and more than just the X-Men are looking for answers. Just what has Sasaki gotten her troublesome self into. Even the smartest people make the dumbest mistakes.

When things looks at though they have calmed down, it is really just the beginning to a new end. The X-Men question Sasaki about her self made serums for the Damon Hall Syndrome and things seem to get wild and twisted before they get any real answers. While Beast is doing what he can for the suffering mutating assistants, Emma does some questioning of her own. Unfortunate for her, but not us, she sees an old face that she wish she never saw again.

Nothing is never really how you see it. As the truth arrives in one place, a lie is not too far behind. It seems as though Sasaki has been fooled into working with the true person pulling the strings. This episode brings up some nice drama. “X-Men” is one of those animes that can and most definitely will entertain you when there is no action. When Emma confronts the imposter, many questions that caused so much problems within the team become ever more so complicated.

Never complicate things with the simple hot-head in the room. While Professor X is handling is own problems during his trip to Japan, the X-Men suffer from some intense misguided friendly fire. This brings out one of the best thing about the variety of X-Men powers. Usually, when animes resort to friends fighting each other, they come to that sap moment and wonder how to defeat their friend without hurting them. X-Men say, “Hell no”, to that. If you attack them, friend or foe, nothing works better than a good old fashioned beating.

Verdict: Excellent


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