Posted July 17, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime Reviews

Episode Review: X-Men 10

With a shy look, this anime looks completely awesome and can easily suck you in, but with a deeper look, some things begin to seem rushed and not given enough detail. Coming to its end, “X-Men” looks as if it will continue to go out strong as Mastermind reveals his plans to achieve his mutant-ruling goals. Oh how I love it when you kidnap my eyes with a little action. Previously, X-Men left us in the base of Sasaki’s lab while confronting Mastermind and the X-Men. Without much to say, an intense brawl is thrown at us, once again, showing the X-Men’s teamwork. The highlight of the fight is the physical combat combined with a little ranged. It is nice when the X-Men’s enemies are almost just as tough as they are. If you take the time to notice, the fight sounds great too. Sounds like a legit anime.

It sucks when everything seems to point at one person. All the mutant problems and lies begin to aim at one person and everybody is taking it lightly. Sasaki has a lot of explaining to do as the intelligent Beast recognizes too many similarities between devices used by him, Sasaki, and more importantly, the U-Men. Of course, this level of betrayal is always backed up by some reason that forces the person to do it. Unfortunately, I feel that Sasaki’s reasons became too predictable in this episode. It is really of no surprise at all.

Mastermind reveals his plans and ties in everybody who is at fault. Seeing as how Mastermind just revealed himself in the previous episode, it is too soon to be not just revealing your plan but actually doing it. Mastermind takes no break and goes right in. The only question that rises is how the X-Men are going to save the day. You can pretty much tell who will die and who won’t.

Verdict: Good


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