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Episode Review: X-Men 12 (Final)

Can’t say I’m completely satisfied but when it comes to X-Men, you get used to the second-rate endings. When things start to look like it’s going to be awesome it’s always that one crybaby that ruins everything. Although, this season finale does not measure up to previous episodes, it has some nice gifts and still somehow finishes off strong.Unfortunately, there is not much to say about this finale. That sucks. If you ask me, the ending came up too fast and out of nowhere. The anime was revealing a lot in the previous episodes but it looked like it could have led to a lot more content. Even so, it’s nothing to be mad about because it still is a great addition to the “X-Men” collection.


Takeo, Professor X’s son goes crazy. At first, I expected some action, but after seeing what Takeo is capable, maybe action is not the right idea. I absolutely hated Hisako in this episode. Maybe hate is too strong of a word but she really did make this episode kind of sappy.

The only reason there isn’t much to this episode is because Professor X is handling everything. It’s a father-son battle and the most boring I have seen in a while. The only reason you can’t be mad is because it’s what you’d expect from him. On top of that, Professor X does not even say much to his son. How can he? He barely even knows him.

Sasaki gets the award for the most dedicated but terrible mom. All the blame falls on one person BUT………they get off totally free.

My favorite part of this episode is the appearances of other X-Men. SPOILER: The pictures of them will be in the gallery below the episode “VERDICT”

Verdict: Good


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