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Final Impressions: C: Money of Soul and Possibility

The anime has reached it end but it went out with a bang. Read what MEDIABEAST feels about “C: Money of Soul and Possibilty”.

Story (Excellent): This anime keeps a good story throughout the whole anime. There are no fillers and almost every piece progresses the story into the finale. The plot can be easily related to by young adults. A young man, Kimimaro, encounters the financial problem that every normal person does but finds the most risky way, the Financial District, to gain all the money he needs. The amazing part is, despite all the positive sides, Kimimaro thinks the risk is too big for any man to take and sets to destroy the whole Financial District.

The Financial District is amazing. The variety of people, fights, and troubles it brings is amazing. People use companions called Assets to battle and win money, while putting their future on the line as collateral. What the anime means as “future” is something you would not want to deal with.

Character (Good):The characters in this anime are amazing. Not just the people but the Assets as well. The main puppeteer of the Financial District, Masaki, is a true villian in disguise. It’s hard to say if you can even call him a villian. Every Entre that ties into the main plot ties in with Kimimaro so well. Their future depends on how he decides to handle situations.

The Assets are awesome because they have a large variety. It is not as big as Pokemon or Digimon but that is a good thing. You don;t have to worry about learning 100 pointless names. Only the few Assets that matter will have you interested. The Assets aren’t some blood hungry creatures either. They are alien to the human world, only familiar to the Financial District. Like people, they wonder and question things depending on how they are made. They vary like people.

Animation (Good): The animation is beautiful. It would be easy to say the animation was awesome if you didn’t see other animes do just a little better. But this is not a big factor in anime. As long as everything else is good, what else matters?

Action (Good): If they just gave me a little more action, I would be in total love with this anime. The fight scenes, especially the last few blew my mind. The pain that is shown can be felt the first few times. You can see that the attacks actually hurt its victims. This anime actually tells you that the Assets can heal quickly but the pain is still there.

The powers of Assets and Entres are beautiful. Unfortunately, with limited fights, you do not see a lot of Unique powers but you do get enough. Every fight is for a reason. There are no pointless fights. People are not fighting to be the best, they are fighting to be rich. Greed, a trait carried by all humans is the only reason they need to battle. “Be the very best”, my ass.

Music (Good):  All I can say is, the music is good. It fits the anime. The last few episodes bangs a few epic pieces at you and it nice.

Verdict (Good): This is not an anime you would want to miss. It is very underrated. Awesomeness right under your nose.


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