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GPR – “To Catherine or not to Katherine?”

Hey er’body, here’s this weeks episode of GPR.

This week we will be talking about the epic new Kirby game coming out, EA Games buying PopCap, an intriguing ESA Gaming study, and where the hell did Megaman go?

Show Notes

  • Intro
    • Pre Show shenanigans and Intro-[00:00-2:10]
    • Go around the room Introduce Guests-[02:11]
  • Whatcha been playing?
    • Rod-[03:50]
    • Clif-[16:03]
    • James-[21:26]
    • Josh-[27:47]
    • Chris-[42:40]
  • Game Gossip and Speculation
    • Kingdom Hearts 3D Completion[49:20]
    • Sony making HDMI mandatory for Blu-Ray[57:45]
    • Google Chrome coming to the PS3[1:03:12]
  • Game Sale Discounts
    • D2D and PSN Summer Sales [1:10:40]
    • XBLA Summer Sale[1:15:15]
    • Craigslist[1:22:40]
  • [Break]-[1:25:43]
  • Game Preview of the Week
    • Catherine[1:26:05]


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