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GPR – “It’s…..Bastion. Please play Bastion”

Yay for another great episode of GPR!! This week our boss Mr. Blackhorn is on a break due to immense amounts of stress so we thought it would be a great time to allow James to host his first show.

This week we talked about great Downloadable games like Limbo, Bastion and the highly anticipated From Dust. And we hit a few topics on the gaming news coming out of Comic-con. Hope you enjoy the show as much as we did.

Show Notes

Intro Song and Pre-show

Go around the room Introduce Guests [1:07]


Whatcha been playing?

  • Rod[2:15]
  • Josh[10:08]
  • Clif[12:40]
  • James[18:27]


Game Gossip and Speculation

This Week In Gaming

[Break at the Crossroads] [1:21:29]






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