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Is the Used Game Market really a threat?

Are used game sales really putting a hurt on game developers? Or are people complaining just to complain?

Now first and foremost this is an opinion piece and you don’t have to agree with what I say. But show some class and be respectful. Thank you.

Now as of lately, more than usual, I’ve heard that the used game market is killing gaming. Why? Because Gamestop found a growing market and decided to capitalize on the idea of buying and redistributing the products for a profit? Honestly, that’s just business. Gamestop is basically a huge used car dealership. A big argument that everyone uses is, “Well the developers don’t see any of the money from the used sales”. Really? The reason they don’t see any of that money is because they’re not suppose to see any of it in the first place. You can’t expect to see every penny of revenue a product will produce just because you created it. And it’s not just gamestop that does this, we’ve got amazon, half.com, small local gaming stores, and hell garage sales all do the same thing. And in the end it’s all just business.

Now recently a few new services have arisen to “combat” the used game epidemic. These services are DLC and the “Pass” system that everyone is starting to use. Now I don’t have a huge problem with DLC, I just have a problem with taking content that is already on the disc, locking it, calling it bonus content, and having us pay for it. Which is just terrible. I’m looking at you Capcom. Now for the Pass system that EA and Sony are using. If you buy a game used and want to play online you have to pay us an extra $10 to unlock online access. Now this just looks like them trying to prove the fact that they just want more money. Because when you think about it, every used game was once a new game and the developers already got their money. They just want more, that’s all.

So with this Pass system, where does that leave people who used rental services like Redbox and Gamefly, or people who borrow games from friends? I borrowed Dead Space 2 from Chris Blackhorn and after getting through the story mode I wanted to try the multiplayer. But then I remembered this was an EA game and had to pay 10 bucks for a lackluster multiplayer experience, and decided that it wasn’t worth it. To them, we’re just collateral damage because I haven’t seen a solution to this problem yet.

What I’m getting at here is this; If you want us to buy games new, don’t try to charge us more to fix the so-called “problem”. Because if I want to buy Marvel vs Capcom 3, I can buy it new for $60, or get it on amazon for $32.90. Maybe cut out the middle man and sell the games directly to us with all the content? Perhaps lower the price when you do so? I don’t know. But give us a better incentive other than “Oh you’ll get this disc ready, “Exclusive” content” or “You’ll have to pay us extra to play our game online if you buy it used”.

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