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31 Days of Video Games: Day 16

Many video games immerse the player with well put together story arcs, some games miss the mark on presenting that story. Here is a game that I believe presents a story outstandingly.  (more…)


GPR – “To Catherine or not to Katherine?”

Hey er'body, here's this weeks episode of GPR. This week we will be talking about the epic new Kirby game coming out, EA Games buying PopCap, an intriguing ESA Gaming study, and where the hell did Megaman go? (more…)


SIWT: Post-Credits — Ep. 2

SIWT: Post-Credits is the main show’s aftershow where topics not discussed there find their way here! Fresh off our Transformers: Dark of the Moon review, the SIWT guys delve into what kind of divide is formed between audiences and critics these days, specifically with the newest entry in the Michael Bay-directed franchise. What entices the general public to see certain films? Are critics even considered relevant? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. [powerpress]


31 Days of Video Games: Day 15

Here is a screenshot from a game that I am currently playing. (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 14

It's time to pimp out your desktop! (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 13

How many times have you played a game over five times? (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 12

There are great games out there, but this is a game that everyone should play. (more…)

Movie Reviews

Should I Watch That — Ep. 10

We goofed again, sorry folks. (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 11

  Gameplay can take any game with a very lackluster story, horrible characters, worthless or even non-existent voice acting and make it a must play title. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 13

A good ,short episode. "Blue Exorcist" drops Rin in his first training session with his new mentor. Most of this episode is straight to the point, advances the story just a little, but unfortunately gets highly predictable. (more…)


Final Impressions: C: Money of Soul and Possibility

The anime has reached it end but it went out with a bang. Read what MEDIABEAST feels about "C: Money of Soul and Possibilty". (more…)


Pause. Where are the Anime Reviews?

Nothing lasts forever. It seems that C: Money of Soul and Possibility is finally done and Deadman Wonderland has reached its 1st season finale. X-Men has also reached a break too. This calls for the search of some more worthy anime for me to find to review. (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 10

Its that time of the week again, coming at you with another 31 Days of Gaming. Today is Day 10 and that means the category is "Gaming system of choice". Today we have plenty of gaming systems to choose from to entertain ourselves. You’ve got the major systems such as the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintento Wii and the portables the Nintendo DS and PSP. Oh and let’s not forget our ever so fun PC Gamers. So as you can see with there being so many different systems you would think that there are plenty of differences among them. Thus creating a lot of people with certain……… preference to each system. Some like the Wii and others like the 360. But when you get down to it for me, I have to go with the PS3. Now before you call me a fanboy, I’m not. I happen to own all 3 major systems and like all of them. I just have that preference to a PS3. There are plenty of reasons why I would rather play a game on my PS3 rather than my...


31 Days of Video Games: Day 9

Hey everybody, it's a new day so you know what that means an new award! So here's Day 9: Saddest Video Game Scene (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 8

So today on the 31 Days of gaming we bring to you Day 8: Best Soundtrack (more…)


Is the Used Game Market really a threat?

Are used game sales really putting a hurt on game developers? Or are people complaining just to complain? (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 7

This group can go either way, this can be either couple as in love, or partners. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Deadman Wonderland 12

Deadman Wonderland does it again. No matter how elite you can always die. Ganta unleashes a new power as his courage finally reveals itself. (more…)


31 Day of Video Games: Day 6

In a lot of games there is that one character whose sole purpose is to annoy the ever-loving crap out of you.  (more…)


31 Days of Video Games: Day 4&5

Day 4: Your guilty pleasure game I find myself quite a fan of wrestling, mainly the WWE. (more…)