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Episode Review: X-Men 09

When some anime seem to lose your taste, "X-Men" comes and saves the day. Sasaki is caught in her lies and more than just the X-Men are looking for answers. Just what has Sasaki gotten her troublesome self into. Even the smartest people make the dumbest mistakes. (more…)


The 10 Most Patriotic Game Characters of All Time

In commemoration of Independence Day, we here at MediaBeast would like to bring you our most patriotic video game characters. This list will consist of all of the top characters that depict all of the honor and glory that is Patriotism. Lets get to it . 10. Optimus Prime Optimus just screams freedom. The Red , White (Chrome), and Blue paint job, his since of justice for all, his natural leadership and well the fact that his motto is "Freedom is the right for all sentient beings". Ive never seen a more Patriotic robot ever. 9. Bionic Commando (Original) No matter how much localization tried to change the name, Spencer was fighting Nazi's not Badd and well America seems to have not great joy than taking out Nazi's (looking at you Call of Duty). Seeing as how you play the guy who's going into to kill HitlerĀ  and save the national hero, Super Joe, that automatically makes you more Patriotic. 8. Duke Nukem Ah yes the Duk...

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 12

Not all things stay great for so long. "Blue Exorcist" is falling from the mass amount of entertainment provided in the first few episodes but it still manages deliver just enough to keep you watching. See what we think about Amaimon introducing himself to Rin and the Exorcists. (more…)


GPR 7/1/11:”Waiter! I think I have a sale in my Steam”

What going on my GPR peeps! We are back [with a full episode]. (more…)