Posted July 11, 2011 by OmegaBatman in Anime

Pause. Where are the Anime Reviews?

Nothing lasts forever. It seems that C: Money of Soul and Possibility is finally done and Deadman Wonderland has reached its 1st season finale. X-Men has also reached a break too. This calls for the search of some more worthy anime for me to find to review.

“C: Money of Soul and Possibility” ended off in a strong note. With that, a “Final Impressions” article will soon be thrown up to review this awesome anime.

C: Money of Soul and Possibility

Not all credit can go to one anime. “Deadman Wonderland” recently gave us 12 hardcore episodes and is finally taking a break. With the bringing of new powers, the new season is promising to be even more, if not just as, amazing as the first. No review will be posted until this anime is done for good.

“X-Men” has gone hard with 12 episodes also. Whether it is a season finally or if this anime is done is unknown. Omegabatman has been slacking on this anime and will pick it up and let MediaBeast fans know soon enough. Be warned, if you see a “Final Impressions” article for this anime, it just may be done.


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