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The 10 Most Patriotic Game Characters of All Time

In commemoration of Independence Day, we here at MediaBeast would like to bring you our most patriotic video game characters. This list will consist of all of the top characters that depict all of the honor and glory that is Patriotism. Lets get to it .

10. Optimus Prime

Optimus just screams freedom. The Red , White (Chrome), and Blue paint job, his since of justice for all, his natural leadership and well the fact that his motto is “Freedom is the right for all sentient beings”. Ive never seen a more Patriotic robot ever.

9. Bionic Commando (Original)

No matter how much localization tried to change the name, Spencer was fighting Nazi’s not Badd and well America seems to have not great joy than taking out Nazi’s (looking at you Call of Duty). Seeing as how you play the guy who’s going into to kill Hitler  and save the national hero, Super Joe, that automatically makes you more Patriotic.

8. Duke Nukem

Ah yes the Duke. No matter how long that game’s been in development hell one thing remained intact, Dukes love for the USA. Just look at the opening with the good old American Flag as the backdrop. If you need more America press the pause button and you get Duke standing in front of Old Glory

7. Gado the Lion

Now if you don’t know who this is let me refresh your memory. Remember that badass with one eye from the Bloody Roar series that morphs into a lion? Well that’s Gado. Now he may and American Patriot but hes a Patriot for Zoanthropes (individuals that can shape-shift into beasts) everywhere. He’s like Beast from X-Men. He tries to bring reconciliation between Zoanthropes and humans. To top it off he was an ass kicking mercenary with Yugo’s father.

6.Sam Fisher

Anyone willing to quietly sneak into enemy territory, extract any intel he can find, and do it all with as little casualties as possible must be devout to the country he’s doing it for. Over the past decade in books as well as video games, Fisher has been protecting American’s from nukes, biological weapons, and complete government takeovers all in secrecy. Now I know his most recent events haven’t been as…patriotic, but his previous track record proves that he more than deserves to be on this list.

5.Big Boss/Solid Snake

This is the founder of the legendary U.S. Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND. He didn’t just start there though, he’s climbed the ranks in our nation’s military to become “The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century” He’s done his part in many of our countries greatest wars from the Korean War to the Cold War. He did all he could for his country but sadly they betrayed him and caused him to lose sight of what he fought for and also his patriotism. The lengths he went to up until that point show his commitment to his country, even though it wasn’t committed to him

4.. Commander Shepard

Even though you get to create your character one thing remains intact, (s)he’s a military person through and through. Shepard starts off a Commander but soon becomes the first Specter representing for the entire human race and then the beacon of hope for the entire universe, no pressure. Depending on how you play one thing will always come first, his people and their safety, that’s a true Patriot. Salute


This Street Fighter character was made for AMERICANS. From the blonde-haired, blue eyed look, the American Flag tattoos on both arms the army fatigues, what more do you need. Guile is our American fighter.

2.Captain America

Really? Do you need an explanation? Look at the picture. I’m Done

1.George Washington

Our first President, George Washington, represents America in the Civilization series. He’s the reason the rest of our American Patriots can even be patriots. On behalf of our President, your welcome.

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