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Get Ready To Start Shopping Online More Often

Recently GameStop pulled free OnLive Deus Ex codes out of its new packaging, and then claimed that they don't want to promote another service because they were planning on starting their own. It's clear that everyone is now looking into getting their feet wet in the digital distribution market. (more…)


Should I Watch That..the SUPER late show

SORRY SORRY SORRY!   Very much apologize for the late post,originally Rod was suppose to put this up but things came up and he asked me to do it. Yeah, better late than ever. Again we apologize for the inconvenience.   WYBW Clif- Diary of A Wimpy Kid, Midnight In Paris   Josh- Sherlock Holmes   James- phineas and ferb across the 2nd dimension     Trailer Talk   Anonymous   In Time   The Darkest Hour   The Sitter (Red-Band)   News   Box Office   Harry Potter Nominations   Man of Steel Set Pics Arise:   Catwoman Pictur...

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: No.6 5

The parasite bees are still making their mark on No. 6 and word has got out to the West District. Looks like they will be a bigger threat than imagined. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 19

FILLER ALERT. "Blue Exorcist" gives you a taste of the plot but then quickly switches to the filler material. Although most of this episode is not that important, you can still pick up some nice stuff and enjoy the show. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Blood-C 7

In hopes that Blood-C would have gotten better, it has failed. As Saya mentally deals with the death she feels responsible for, the point of this anime is still hiding. (more…)


RedrappeR Interview

Who is RedrappeR? He is a rap artist from Southern California, responsible for the EVO 2K10 Intro videos, and the new SSFIV 3DS Commercial! (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: No.6 4

It's true what they say. You can spend too much time with somebody. As Nezumi tries to find his connections inside No.6, it looks as though Sion's presence may be doing more harm than Nezumi planned for. (more…)

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Episode Review: No.6 3

This anime is doing a lot better than other wit sticking to the plot. Sion, surviving the parasite from No.6, is faced with what may be the hardest decisions of his new life. He must choose to abandon his old or new life. (more…)

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Episode Review: No.6 2

Time has elapsed for years and Sion's life has changed. His past decisions haunt him until this day as he makes another mistake towards the authority of the city. Seeing a handful of horrific things with a handful of people to care about, it is the start of a new life. (more…)

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Episode Review: Sacred Seven 7

So the anime has gotten back to the story and it's delivering quality action. But tell me, why am I still unsatisfied? (more…)


The Dark Knight Rises Vehicle [Spoiler]

Nolan's next Summer Blockbuster is looking to be his biggest. (more…)


Deals Of The Week: 8/14/11- 8/20/11

A ton of people may have just dropped $170 on a 3DS(or in my case $0.00), now its time to find some cheap games to go with our system.  (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Sacred Seven 6

Never know what you have until it's gone, right? Well after Tandoji screws up with Aiba, she's kidnapped and look like Tandoji might have to be a lone hero. How did all this happen?! (more…)

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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 18

Man, if demons were real, in the form of temptation, how screwed up would our lives be? Chaotic. Blue Exorcist delivers and almost excellent episode that I did not see coming.  (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: No.6 01

This anime looks nice. Story looks like it can become strong. Interesting main character, but unfortunately, it is only the first episode. A genius kid living in a world which is different from what he thinks. (more…)


The Reactor: Fads and Rioting goes hand in hand.

Back and better than ever, Chris returns with his GPR brethren to talk about riots, fads and Rebecca Black? (more…)


Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Sacred Seven 4

Really? After that nice job in episode 3, Sacred Seven delivers and episode that everybody could done without. Complete disappointment. (more…)

Anime Reviews

Episode Review: Sacred Seven 3

Great job. This episode gets an A for action and creativity but still holds that C for a story. I guess this is just a show not tell anime. (more…)

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Episode Review: Kamisama Dolls 1

I just love my mechas, but after watching some of the best, I do not think this one is going to cut it. "Kamisama Dolls", looks like an average anime but I am not even so sure if I want to watch the next episode. (more…)