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Dragon Ball Z Comes to Blu-Ray

Almost a month late but so close to fall, I come with some news that all DBZ/PS3 fans should love….depending on how you take.

Dragon Ball Z, one of the most successful animes of all time, had announced at an earlier time that they would be releasing its first installment on Blu-Ray discs this fall. Although they are working on restoring all 291 episodes, the first installment will only have the first 17. I know what some of you fans are thinking. How can you only give us 17 episodes out of 291. Does not seem like much with the cost of Blu-Ray discs these days.

With it being Dragon Ball Z, one of my favorite animes as well, I think it will be worth the money. The digital transfer from the original Japanese 16mm film frame by frame at 1080p is a lot of work. They are trying to make sure they deliver high quality versions. They aim to make more beautiful than when we first viewed it.

“Working with a very old and fragile source film presented a number of challenges for the restoration process,” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and president at FUNimation Entertainment. “Our purpose was to restore the series as accurately as possible, to what it must have been like to see it when it was originally mastered, and preserve the charm of the animation. After all, it is of a particular time and place.” (FUNimation.com)

Save  your money, you will get your first 18 episodes on November 8, 2011. Or you could wait until they all come out and hope for a money saving bundle. Your choice.

All of this news can be viewed at its source at FUNimation.com


Too bad we won't be seeing any Super Saiyans for a while.






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