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Episode Review: Blood-C 1

If you can’t bear to watch “Blade”, have no worries “Blood-C” is here. It is yet another demon-slaying anime that caught my eye. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a lady with a blade?

The intro, not the opening, but the intro to this first episode kind of had me hooked for a little. The first few words of this anime are pretty deep. The visuals, although simple, are satisfying.

Now, to begin, I enjoyed the introduction of the main character, Saya. It was quite funny, only because she is quite clumsy. She is a goody-two-shoes, something referred to her from her friends. That is kind of why the later half of this episode was sort of unsuspected. Her true self is almost the total opposite and pretty gruesome.

Yuuka (left), Saya (middle), twins whose name have not yet appeared (right)

The other characters in this anime are okay for the first episode. They do not get into depth with anybody or anything. This episode makes you familiar with a few people’s faces and few places. Nothing is learned about them though. Don’t waste your time wondering “Who is this?” or “Why is this happening?”. Hopefully, all of the questions will be answered soon enough.

Usually, before the action, you would get a brief summary of the conflict in the plot. Unfortunately, none of that is revealed but a small amount is self-explanatory. The action scene is pretty nice though. Even without knowing the origin of the demons, you can still enjoy the fight.

If you pay attention to every aspect of this episode, it will go by fast. There is something to enjoy in almost every bit. I loved the music. That really got my attention. Might have you dancing a little.

Verdict: Good


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