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Episode Review: Blood-C 2

First episode, it was okay to just introduce everybody, but if this anime does not give me a story very soon, I might just end up switching to another anime. Although the fights are nice, it’s not worth having all these questions and no answers.

I have to admit, parts and pieces of Saya going to school are amusing. She is pretty ditzy. No idea what’s going on around her and can’t tell when she likes somebody or somebody likes her. That is all fine and dandy but I have no idea if it has anything to do with the plot. It is the second episode and nothing much has been revealed. The way they start the episode in a fight scene and talk nothing about it is stupid. Maybe all her friends she is constantly around will contribute to a bigger role in the future.

Now, for the annoying part. Saya’s little song she sings every morning. It was kind of catchy in the first episode. Ha, but unfortunately, the second episode made it completely annoying. It is now more of a “Not this song again” feeling. The hot twins can be cool for a moment, but the more they talk the more I would prefer for them to just sit there and be pretty. I like Yuuka though. She seems to put the group in their place when needed.

Now there is one person in this anime am I curious about. That is Saya’s little crush, Tokizane. He has that bad-ass look to him. i hope he amounts to something later on. Also, they did mention something about Saya’s mom. That little piece of information may be the only piece of storyline but it’s something.

You can enjoy the fight scene at the end too. Pretty cool.

Verdict: Fair


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