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Episode Review: Blood-C 4

Really starting to like this anime than I thought I would. After you get used to the show, they start to bust out the unexpected things. With every passing episode the small things become important and some characters start to look bloody and suspicious.

The episode of Blood-C has made me realize a number of things about this anime.  Things are coming to light and it does not take a fight scene to make me realize that.

For all my anime fans who love more than just a fight scene, let me give you a high five. “Blood-C” is about more than action. If you have not realized it by this episode, try re-watching it.  The fascinating aspects of this episode to notice is how the fights are starting to change Saya’s regular life.

I am starting to see that before I was looking for why she was slaying demons. After accepting that that is just what she does, I do not think the writer wanted the viewers to look at that. One thing people always question, is change. The writer wanted for the viewers to connect how the changes in the Elder Bairns, the demons Saya is fighting are affecting her train of thought.

It is not only the fact that the Elder Bairns changing, it is also what they are doing with that change. With Saya now able to hear them speak, things are getting out of whack. How would the normal person react, when the thing they kill constantly, relates itself to them? Are they no different from what they hunt? You think that what are you are killing will solve everything when actually…..there is a higher power pulling the strings.

Do the deaths of helpless people, while in Saya’s grasp, phase her in any way?

The music starts to mean more and more each time it is played. I can feel relaxed in the Guimave scenes, but feel my blood rushing when the melodic and cold music comes before a fight scene. SPOILER!!!! Certain MUSIC make certain PEOPLE look very suspicious. It is like you have seen them before, but in another place in the anime….or heard.

I would love to know the connection between blood and Saya’s eyes. When those red luscious eyes reveal themselves in combat, things go to a new level. The whole fight scene, no matter if Saya is winning or not, my brain is repeatedly thinking, “Red eyes. Red eyes.”

Verdict: Excellent

This anime’s first excellent raiding. Applaud.


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