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Episode Review: Blood-C 5

This is the most intense episode yet, but the people still want more. Saya seems to be handling some serious mental problems. While she has to worry about that, the twins serve their biggest part to an episode that I have ever seen. To think I always thought they were useless.This episodes begins, once again, showing how clueless Saya is when it comes to other people expressing their. You would think she did not get out much, but hey, it is why we love her. Despite her once again thwarting many advances, she still is the reason everybody watches the show. Her love life is funny.

What the…?!!! Whose hand is that.

While we are loving Saya, some people are slowly becoming creeps. Yeah, I’m talking about Fumito, the owner of Guimave! If that was anybody else’s father when Saya’s dad walked in, this might have been his last episode. Let me just go ahead and say, “Suspiiiiiiiiicious.” And do not worry Ms. Kanako, your little lesbo moment you had a few episodes ago will not be forgotten. XD

This anime never builds up to the fight scenes. They just randomly happen, but……in this episode, I started to pay more attention to the ritual performed between Saya and her father before each hunt. Obviously, it symbolizes something. I cannot wait to hear the story behind it.

Sometimes it is what you are trying to save that slows you down. The fight scene in this episode should satisfy you guys who like weapon battles. Although, it is not epic as the last it symbolizes something extra. What viewers should realize, is that something extra is brought to Saya’s attention in almost every battle. Pay attention, because it is not by the Elder Bairn this time.

It finally rained. was so close to saying that that part of Japan was too shiny. The twins, the cute little dark blondes, finally shine. It is with few words. The state how stories which can be related to the listeners enhance the connection to the story. If there is any part you should remember from this episode, it is definitely that.

The movies that effect us the most are the ones that we can relate to. The ones that put our problems or the problems of somebody we know on the big screen. If you pay attention to Saya in the later half of this episode, you will see that the twins may have been on to something. Maybe too much of something….because….it…does not……end…..well.

Verdict: Good



Wait a min. is that? Ki…….Kikyo? Naw. Not hot enough. XD


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