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Episode Review: Blood-C 7

In hopes that Blood-C would have gotten better, it has failed. As Saya mentally deals with the death she feels responsible for, the point of this anime is still hiding.This episode gives us some nice action. If it was in one of the earlier episodes it would be fine. Unfortunately, it is the seventh…THE SEVENTH episode and what the point of this anime is still missing. This unacceptable. With each passing epiosde, I am now less attracted to the anime.

The pointlessness of this fight makes it mediocre

This episode introduces so much but explains so little. So much happens but you do not know exactly what is going on. All but the right questions are being answered. The only piece of story that makes sense is what has been lingering in the past few episodes. And that is Saya being mentally affected by the battles. The fights are becoming more and more dangerous. More people are dying in front of her eyes. It’s very common for the sight of death to change a person, especially when it is somebody close to you. Other than that, the rest of the episode is not entertaining.

Now, if you are one of those people who do not give a crap about the story and just want to see blood, gore, and fights, this is your kind of episode. Just make sure you skip all the the crap and find and uncensored episode. Censorship in this episode will ruin just about everything. It takes away a lot of visuals.

The episodes that had Saya just sitting around with her friends are more interesting to me. This episode lacks that melodic music that sucks you in and makes you smile.

All in all, I despised this episode. Even with the action, and Saya’s blood red eyes, the anime has too much unexplained.

Verdict: Fair


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