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Episode Review: Blood-C 3

I am finally getting used to this anime. With the third episode am I less disappointed. Even though a lot has yet to be revealed, the anime does give few details. As another day ends, Saya returns to her demon-slaying responsibilities.I am less stressful of when this anime will give a plot. After seeing some things about Blood-C, I do not see it as a bad anime. There are many other people who would watch the first few episodes with no problem and wonder why.

Guimazine – One of most frequent places in the story

If you made it to the third episode and still have not decided to quit, I may know why. The music in this anime sucks you in. It matches the situations perfectly. If you pay attention to the beginning of this episode, listen to the music as you watch the scene. If you are anything like me, you’ll start unconsciously bobbing your head to the nice rhythm.

That mysterious instrumental piece from the beginning of the first episode continues to reappear. It fits the mystery speaker who continue to talk about many things people wonder about themselves.

Even something annoying has become a regular. That song Saya constantly sings…….if you begin to like it, you will be able to tell which scene it belongs in and if she does not sing you might get a little mad. Just a little.

What is really keeping me in this anime, even though the plot is not thick yet, is that I am beginning to know what to expect. If you stop expecting action in this anime, you will start to appreciate Saya’s social life. This episode helped me realize a lot about Saya. I always wondered why the anime has her acting all nice and clueless. This episode does a good job of telling you of her everyday life. You get to see the things she worries about vs what normal worry about. After all, her life is completely different from the average girl’s.

For things to come, pay attention the dog that constantly reappears and Saya’s eyes. As usual, nothing is said about them but shown. The dog will play a bigger role. If you happen to notice Saya’s eyes in battle, you will notice how they change her. Do not only look at her fighting skills but her emotions as well. You might find one facial expression very peculiar.

Verdict: Good


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