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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 16

Can’t say “Blue Exorcist” is as boring as some of the previous episodes. With the secret of Rin’s power out in the open, it’s interesting to see how everybody reacts. Not everybody has the same feelings for Rin. Friends, enemies, and souls who do not know him are all in one episode to decide his fate.There are some thing that everybody wants answered. When it comes to “Blue Exorcist”, the question is “What happens when Rin’s power becomes revealed?”  It is time for everybody who cannot do anything to show their true colors.

Amaimon- Back for Round 2

An enraged demon who can’t tell friends from foe. Although it is seen a lot, it seems to never get old. As long as the demon, Rin for example, can kick some major a**, most people do not seem to care. What makes things nicer is when you think and appreciate how his fights with Amaimon brought his powers out. You have a strong enemy who craves for a challenge. One who does all he can to make his opponent all the more furious and bring his power out, despite the consquences. Amaimon, and people like that are awesome because they have that “Can’t lose” attitude, fighting to the last breath.

All glory for this episode cannot be given to Amaimon. He is barely in it anyway. It is kind of early, but be prepared to be introduced to a new powerful ally. Although it is kind of early, it is unexpected. That makes it’s shocking and all the better. Prepare to get a taste of the power held by one of the most powerful people in “Blue Exorcist.” With the conflict being held within this episode, if you stop and think, you will wonder what his next move will be. Where will his loyalty stay. And this goes for a lot of people, not just one person. When it comes time to decide what is right or wrong, sometimes the choice is never easy, especially when the people closest or above you have different opinions.

Rin’s friends are really something else. That actually act their age. The way they argue and get along is life-like. You always have that one person who knows what to do, that one person who thinks everybody is crazy, and that one person who people follow out of respect and/or fear. Some people have a mind of their own and some just follow the crowd. Fortunately, it is real easy to see who the real Exorcists are when Rin cannot save their butts.

The cool dead guy. Fujimoto, the father of Rin and Yukio who has managed to be mentioned in every episode contributes to awesomeness again. If you closely pay attention when his name is mentioned, you will hear a piece of information about him that will want to know more about. Why, because it’s Fujimoto. Even when dead, he still manages to make some of the biggest impacts.

Now what exactly is Mephisto planning. He has proven himself to have a way with words. Even when bathed with negative comments about him, he somehow able to talk his way out of anything. It is hard to tell who is running what and who is fooling who when Mephisto opens his mouth. His swindling words makes him one of the most interesting characters in the anime. How can one demon change the fate of another as powerful as Rin.

This episode is one to watch, the action is not heavy but the plot is. Too much action isn’t good anyway.

Verdict: Good


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