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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 17

It may be an end to one of the coolest characters in the anime and that’s a real downer.The council makes their decision on Rin’s future and many people seem to be hiding big secrets. Not a great episode, but not a bad one either.Some roles int his episode are two short. It’s a real tease how the last episode can get you hyped for Amaimon, just for everything to end quickly. Unfortunately, I highly favored Amaimon, so his part in this anime would not please anybody who favors him. Although his irrational form of anger allowed him to slap around a few people. That’s always nice.

From this episode and so on, we can officially deem Rin with the cheapest powers on the show. Although, he is the son of Satan, it is not fair how easily he can defeat some of the most powerful demons. Even though this episode decides to specifically train Rin for his powers, there is little room for him to grow. Of course, he can be more powerful and decrease the risk of hurting allies but…..he’s already shown himself to be more than enough to some of the most powerful demons. It’s all fine and dandy but I just think it’s a bit a too early for all that.

As MOST characters express themselves, most become cooler characters. As always, Suguro, the head of the class, refuses to lose to Rin. If this attitude represents his future in this anime, I will be very please.

Yukio is becoming more interesting as well. He has always been my favorite character but I still fill like I’m slacking on his status. It is not until a few episodes ago that I learn that he too has Satan’s blood in his veins. When the episode decides not to focus directly on Rin, it is nice few minutes in the head of Yukio. His concerns are one of my favorites because he knows what it means to fail. He has reasons to be angry and does a great job at faking smiles. His day his definitely coming.

Konekomaru…..I just do not like  him, at no fault of his own. He is that kid who actually thinks, despite what everybody else does or says. I say he keeps it real, because as everybody puts up the brave attitude, he questions the safety of everybody with the son of Satan so close. Actually, he might just be one of the coolest people on the show because he perfectly exemplifies what it means to be a human. Humans tend to overthink things because we are smart. With him being one of the smartest and smallest, I can’t really blame him.

Verdict: Fair


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