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Episode Review: Blue Exorcist 18

Man, if demons were real, in the form of temptation, how screwed up would our lives be? Chaotic. Blue Exorcist delivers and almost excellent episode that I did not see coming. 


Emotions are a strong thing. Fear, hatred, and jealousy. You put all that in one person and you have a vulnerable target. As everybody is still getting used to Rin being the son of Satan, it becomes harder to handle for some than others. Then again, the same situation affects different people in different ways.

This episode main’s focus is the feelings of Konekomaru towards Rin. This episode does a good job in tieing in the plot with one of the main characters other than Rin. Out of all the episodes that focus on another Esquire other than Rin, this would have to be the best. It puts Konekomaru’s (Koneko) innocence and confusion against Rin’s devilish genetics. Inner chaos withing the circle puts a struggle between friends and sometimes that is one of the best ways to destroy a powerful group.

Yukio and Rin – Where do you think you're going?

I gained some respect for Rin in this episode. Why? Because he is not as hesitant as other anime characters seem to be when an innocent soul is in danger. I usually despise anime where there is a “You kill me, you kill your friend” situation. Rin, is irrational and instinctive. This episode stuck to that. When he sees an opening, no matter what everybody else sees, he takes it. Sometimes waiting only makes things worse. Aside from that, this episode also wanted to warm Rin up to his friends. They will respect him more after this episode.

On the side note, pay attention the parts of the episode where they only give you a piece of a story. Yukio is about to have his moment in the spotlight soon. He’s my favorite character so I am looking forward to that. Also, the suspicion of betrayal with the school rises. Betrayal is one of the key themes in this anime, if you have not noticed.

Shura has her little moments in this episode, so don’t worry guys, your eyes will get what they want.

All in all, great episode here. The action is supreme while it lasts so I hope you enjoy that too. Until next week, for your Blue Exorcist reviews, deuces.

Verdict: Good/Excellent

Enjoyed my pics from this episode. Going to drop some samples from the gallery.


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