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Episode Review: Kamisama Dolls 1

I just love my mechas, but after watching some of the best, I do not think this one is going to cut it. “Kamisama Dolls”, looks like an average anime but I am not even so sure if I want to watch the next episode.In all honesty, this anime starts off quite nicely. They knew how to make chaos look good. All the bodies and tears were awesome, but after that scene, the anime soon lost its value. So you know the next scene is fast forwarded a few years, and things still seem cool.


They are introducing the main character, Kuga, and I do not know if it is just me, but I am quite tired of seeing those powerful guys who are scared of girls and pushed around. I guess those hardcore main characters do not exist anymore. The reason why people may not enjoy this part is because it is seen too much in a lot of animes. The main character is a nice kind guy, who is surrounded by asshole of friends, and he likes a girl.

What does surprise is me it the introduction on the conflict. The introduction seems to be a lot better than the actual conflict because you do not see it coming. It’s like “Woah!”, then it turns to “Ah….okay.” I would have to say the best part about any of this would the pretty face of the anime, Shiba. She’s nice on the eyes and probably like Kuga, but since he is scared it is going to few tens of episodes for him to make a move. (What a surprise -_-)

Shiba – Might just watch the next episode to see her

This first episode can fool you a lot. Once things look like they are about to become epic……it doesn’t. The most this anime goes on the epic scale is mildly cool. I can almost promise you, that you won’t be screaming “Oh s***!”

Enough of bashing this anime. It does do a good job at letting you know what is going on. The plot is not fully revealed but you get a basis of what is going on with Kuga, the main character, and the key characters surrounding him. The point of the series is not revealed just yet. If you are satisfied with mediocre action and have patience, maybe you will like this episode. I have to blame the action on the design of the mechas. It is different, all I can say.

Verdict: Fair

It still does not motivate me to watch the next episode. 


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