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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 4

An end comes to the first Yoma of “Kaze No Stigma”. What a nice and sha-weet ending it was for that unlucky soul.Everything is so much easier when people learn to work together. Ayano and Kazuma seem to make the perfect team and it looks like it is leading to an awesome pair. This episode is pretty smooth. Even in the heat of battle, characters seem to be able to stay true themselves….unless possessed by some all-powerful evil demon.

RinIt’s hard to pick what to talk about for this episode because, almost every part seemed to be interesting in it’s own way. Even the stuff you do not get to get to completely see but have a hint about what happened is entertaining. To begin…..let’s start with Ayano, the fierce and annoying, heir to the Kannagi throne. She manages to show out this episode. In her battles you get a piece of her feelings as a woman and a little of her fighting mentality. Her fighting style greatly exemplifies her attitude. Always wondering about being the strongest and slashing with anger.

Before going to Kazuma, let’s got our another flaming hero of this episode. Rin, the soft, kind-hearted little brother of Kazuma, shows that he has some power too. All I can say, is it was unexpected. Although anger seems to be the main fuel for fire, it is nice how the main Kannagi members bring out their anger in different ways. Each value different things and becomes furious about different situations. It makes me believe that one fire magic user is enough for all situations.

Once again, no half-assed story. Although I am not completely clear on Kazuma’s source of power, I know the time will come when I will. One thing I can definitely tell about this episode, that can be related to the anime, is that ones who do wrong get punished plenty quickly. The Fuga clan may have bit off more than they can chew. They have no idea who they are messing with.

My favorite conflict that has been my head since this episode and the last, is how Kazuma will resolve all of this with his family. Basically, that’s the main factor behind this anime; Kazuma’s true intentions. Nobody seems to care more about his pride than he does. What kind of person can still be respected by helping a family which has thrown him away…..without the right reasons?

Verdict: Excellent




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