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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 2

This anime is looking pretty nice, but it is only the beginning. It already obvious how Kazuma may actually feel toward his cruel family. His motivation for power is there. Has he found out the true identity of the culprit who attacked the Kanagi family?

Oh how I love finding good animes. I like the darkness and the action. A lot of aspects of this anime can be related to by people in the same situation. I found this episode quite humorous as well because I was paying close attention to what was going on between certain people. I hope all of this continues.


“Kaze No Stigma” does a good job at how certain characters react to things. Firstly, Ayano. From the first episode, you can already tell that she is just an annoying little girl, but…..I like here. She gives the anime just enough female annoyance. In this episode, all you can do is laugh at her or hate her. Ironically, her father, Jugo, is one of the coolest people in the whole anime so far. Always calm and thoughtful. Head of the Kanagi family, even in this spree of deaths in his family, he keeps his cool. He stays respectful to all, even those who serve him. He seems too good to be fully trusted.

Usually, when you abandon a child, it isn’t funny, but I couldn’t help but laugh this time. Kazuma’s father, Genma, is a complete asshole. The asshole of fathers. I have to say, it is for the worst reasons. Hopefully, he gets what’s coming to him.

Kazuma, the main character, has become one of my favorites. A powerful little guy full of surprises. What I like about this episode is how they approach his abilities. Just when he looks unbeatable, a new mysterious force appears to put him in his place.

Verdict: Good


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