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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 3

Impressive anime so far. Kazuma battles with himself while doing the right thing. Ayano is forced to face the facts. This may be the start of  a new relationship.If you are able to pay attention and catch the true feelings behind Kazuma’s action, you’ll either love or hate him. With all the tragedies following the Kannagi family, there is not much to do if they chose to abandon and hate you. When one of the only people who treats Kazuma like a relative is kidnapped and in danger, you’d have to be a complete douche to not want to help him. Although his disliking of the Kannagi family is strong, he has his own reasons on saving Rin.

Oh, if the Kannagi’s had the wrong kind of leader, they’d be in some deep……I mean deeper trouble. With all the flame-manipulating hot headed Kannagi’s ready to blame and kill Kazuma, Jugo becomes their voice of reason. If it was not for Jugo, I would label almost the whole Kannagi family stupid. They seem to be some irrational thinkers and their actions COMPLETELY fits their element. They are full of rage and anger. Maybe that’s why they seem to stay so powerful.

Even though Ayano is so annoying, I like her. She still manages to spice the anime up just the right way, even when she is wrong and stupid. Ha, might be an anime crush. Let’s see if she, the new heir to the Kannagi throne, can think clearly when the time is right and push her differences between her and Kazuma aside.

Now, I always wondered what truly made the Fuga clan so inferior to the Kannagi family. I am highly interested in seeing what their fate with the Kannagi’s will be in a few episodes.

Awesome plot always gets an “A”. The series of attack on the Kannagi clan aren’t just some random incidents. It’s not just some random attack on a powerful clan. The Kannagi’s are facing a problem that they created themselves purposely and accidentally. Whether they choose to believe it or not, you reap what you sew.

Verdict: Good


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