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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 5

So I cannot tell if my opinion on this anime is becoming biased. Despite majority of this episode being about a jealous-fueled mission, I find it very interesting. Maybe after I break some things down, you’ll see what even without much action, this anime has potential.Here we have it, one of the moments of truths. “Kaze No Stigma” has just resolved it’s first major conflict. Usually, after big battles, animes slow things down a bit and deliver some stuff that people usually do not care about. This anime surprisingly does a good job at this portion. A good story can get you through almost anything.

This has to be funny to somebody else too

No matter who you are, there is always somebody out there who loves you. What if that somebody happens to be killed? What if the killer who you picture in your head everyday is right there in your face. What do you do when your sense of revenge is twice as powerful as your sense for pride. Even after all Kazuma has done and proven, there is always one person who is blinded by anger, not able to see the truth. This is a trait that seems to be almost genetic to the Kannagi family. I really enjoyed one person’s complete and utter failure in the episode. Although, many can possibly relate to her pain.

My favorite part of this anime was of course brought to us by my anime crush Ayano. All these women, and only gets Kazuma. It’s funny because she does not even know what’s going on in her own head. Her anger and jealousy in this episode in this episode is just hilarious. She is the type of woman you do not make mad at you. Ha ha.

Everybody loves surprises and “Kaze No Stigma” delivers. The final portion of this episode was unexpected. I never really wondered how regular people would fair against magic users until it happened, but that’s not the best part of all this. The dark emotions exhibited in this episode takes the cake. Also, the lack of emotion from Kazuma is weird, mysterious, and cool; all at the same time. It is crazy what emotions stop people from realizing, no matter how many facts there are.

Plus, there is a new mysterious enemy and…..and a newly introduced element. You know you want to see it.

Verdict: Good


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