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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 6

After seeing what fire and wind can do, I can’t say I’m too impressed by the power of water next. With the events in this episode, water is about to have its big debut.It’s always healthy to have friends like Ayano’s. Not even knowing what is going on, they continue to push her emotional buttons. If you pay attention to them, they will tell you everything you need to know about what’s going in Ayano’s head whenever Kazuma is mentioned. Actually, it seems everybody is able to realize her feelings. Talk about being read easily.


With the Fuga clan gone, the Kannagi must rely on the sources at hand, returning to Kazuma for help. There is a crisis in Japan and the Kannagi family feel like it’s their responsibility to take care of it. I like that this episode makes it clear, to me, that fire magic users are only good for destruction. They must rely on other resources for almost any other task at hand. Makes total sense since fire must first destroy before doing anything else.

The feelings in this anime are as good as always. Ayano steadily has her eyes on Kazuma, but she does manages to make a few good points about his decisions. Kazuma has the power to stop all of this madness but for some reason he chooses not to. Misao, remains unharmed because of Kazuma’s own personal reasons.

I like and dislike the families in this anime. They stay true to abandoning a member who has dishonored them. Families are treated more like business. Although, this does add some slight drama to the mix.

Verdict: Good


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