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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 8

I get my first “filler” feeling” from “Kaze No Stigma”. Although most of the episode starts look pointless for the plot toward the middle of the episode, there are still a few stuff you can pick up and enjoy.There is not too much I want to say about a filler-like episode. If you’d like to skip this episode, you can go ahead.

This episode looks like it may be going somewhere in the beginning. The first few minutes of the episode hypes itself up like something serious is going down at Ayano’s school. What’s makes it more serious is that Jugo talks to Ayano like it is some new power that have ever been heard of. Although, if you pay attention to the Kannagi’s situation here, they were hired to take care of this mysterious force, by humans. What may seem major to humans is a piece of cake for the Kannagi’s.

Kazuma and Ayano

Kazuma and Ayano

Kazuma has shown that he knows how confused Ayano is about her feelings. With the help of her friends, Kazuma knows how to play with her head how he pleases.

Among the useful things in this episode, that keeps it from being there for no purpose, we are introduced to another fantasy creature. It’s one that everybody should be quite familiar with. This leads to the beauty of this episode. If you just watch the later half or the last ten minutes, you will get the plot of the episode and enjoy a minute of beauty. The music plays along nicely in the end.

For the majority of this episode, it sticks to its comedic side vs action or drama. If you want few snickers here and there, this episode is all you. If you are expecting some epic magic using battles, skip to the next episode. The episode was not bad, I only hope that the next picks it back up.

Verdict: Fair






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