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Episode Review: Kaze No Stigma 7

Man, if all water magic users can do stuff like in this episode, I may be impressed. Unfortunately, that wish is very unlikely. Kazuma teams up with Ayano and Ren to take on the culprit fueling Misao’s action. Who is this new enemy they speak of?I find it very cool that Ayano may have some potential behind her sword, Enraiha. Unfortunatley, it is still no match for Kazuma and his wind match. Almost how serious things may seem, Kazuma still keeps his calm, cold, comedic attitude. It’s cool because he does not give that fake hero attitude when everybody else is down and out.

This episode plays a big role for the plot of the anime. That is always good. Not only do we get a taste of water magic, while it is on some sort of steroids sucked from other people, but it also puts a question in my head. In previous episode Misao uses water magic and then reverts to fire. So I am hoping that we will get to see some skilled people who are able to use more than one element.

There’s a vision that appeared in Kazuma in a previous episode. It’s back and it seems to relate him to a powerful enemy aiming for his. Apparently, not a lot of people know a lot about Kazuma but a lot want to kill him. You can assure yourselves that action will follow him and those close to him.

As usual, Ayano shows feelings for Kazuma, but you will be seeing some of that in every episode. Seems a though that is all she ever thinks about. Fast to get mad. Ironically, with her being one of the people most concerned with pride, she shows that she will do anything to win. She does manage to create one of the animes first sappy moments. Ren and Ayano show some pretty nice moves in battle. It is cool to see Ren in action. Only because he is so soft compared to everybody else.

Really Ayano….really?

My favorite part of this episode is showing the ability to do some teamwork. I have stated before that fire cannot do everything alone and this episode just happens to support my theory. I can’t wait to see what else they bust out. As long as the teamwork is not Ayano’s idea, things seem to end nicely.

Verdict: Good

It would have gotten an excellent if it was not for Ayano making that one sappy moment with Kazuma. Did not really like it and it was only like one minute of the anime.



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